Pomegranate Juice For Erection

Do you know?

  • Garlic can boost your body defense system?
  • Lemon can help you get lighter on your feet?
  • Guavas can enhance your body’s ability to absorb nutrients?

Wait- did you even read all of that properly? If yes, do you agree to that?

Well, there is no surprise in the fact that we have totally undervalued the significance of nature and all that it can do to us. Our mindset and entire focus have been shifted to the conventional medicine, to which we resort to even when we get something as minor as flu.

While our belief on drugs has strengthened to the core, this is something that is completely contrary to what people used to believe in the past.

No wonder, where this modern era has blessed us with options that have made our lives convenient beyond imagination, it has taught us to have blind faith on medicines- which we assume to be the only roadway to health!


These terms ‘erectile dysfunction’ sound something threatening to erections, which is obviously not. It is a very minor concern that merely needs a right approach to be addressed.

Most of us think that men are blessed with the ability to please women in bed, where in actual, this isn’t true. Indeed, prowess is God-gifted in most of the cases, but factors like the consistent use of medicines, excessive stress, health problems developed in older ages and alcohol abuse that is apparently, a very common issue, affect their overall ability to perform better in bed.

Or if we put it simple, it causes them Erectile Dysfunction. A man is said to have erectile dysfunction when he gets up leaving his partner feeling dissatisfied after an intimate encounter.

This happens when the blood distribution to the genital area lessens, causing him:

  • Failure to hold his erections and hence leading early ejaculation.
  • Soft erections during arousal, thereby causing difficulty in penetration.

Either way, he can end up getting frustrated, exhausted and depressed.

MD can be either:

  • Moderate or
  • Mild

Those with moderate Erectile Dysfunction tends to suffer fairly decreased intensity of having and holding erections, whereas mild indicates the slighter decreased power to enjoy normal erections. We generally get to see the moderate cases than the mild ones very often.

But as mentioned earlier, the concern is easily addressable and in general cases, brief.

Interestingly, poor quality erections are not always characterized as Erectile Dysfunction. There is time when he simply lacks libido or say, is not aroused enough to please her and make those moments memorable for both.


Go search yourself; you will get to learn a plethora of medicinal procedures and methods that promise to aid. But nothing is as safer, as cheaper and as good as a right ‘Natural tool” which is POMEGRANATE in this case!

Now it may sound surprising to you that Pomegranate, all alone, holds the ability to make you last longer in bed. And not just that, it can further support the hardening of erections that is considered to be the factor responsible for female orgasm, more than size.


Of course, you want evidence and so will I if I get to hear something really surprising. So here is an authentic study that testifies its role in the betterment of erection and more importantly, management of Erectile Dysfunction:

As per an investigation that was issued in the International Journal of Impotence Research, pomegranate, precisely, 8 ounces of the fresh and natural juice of the fruit can serve as a treatment plan for men with ED. Though, the 61 participants that were the subject of the study were given the juice on daily basis, proving that the fruit will help, provided that it is taken consistently.


The fruit is generally regarded as the natural substitute of Viagra, which simply indicates its efficacy with regard to the erections and arousals.

It is for this very reason, many natural male enhancement products incorporate an adequate sum of pomegranate to enhance the effects of their products on a whole.

So where does it gets its powers from? I mean, how does an apparently ordinary fruit like pomegranate goes to this extreme length to improve your performance in bed?

Basically, the science is simple, it is supposed to improve blood pressure, owing to which, we can assume that the genitals can then get as much amount of blood as it needs to support healthy erections.

Interestingly, research on rabbits further authenticated its contribution in increasing blood circulation and hence, the improvement in erectile response.

Some investigators also assume that the improvement in erections could be due to the antioxidants found in the fruit. Apparently, these antioxidants prevent harmful molecules from affecting the distribution of blood, reaching the penile region.

Either way- it is yet to be proven how and what makes pomegranate so effective for erections, rest assured- it does helps with powerful and longer erections!


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